Our Partner Attix5 / Redstor – Supplier of Online Backup Software & Solutions


Our partner (since 1999) Attix5 / Redstor has grown from strength to strength, their passion for developing world-class data protection software that provides absolute peace of mind to listed Enterprises and SMEs all over the world.

The release of their latest offering, Attix5 / Redstor Pro V7, has firmly placed Attix5 / Redstor amongst the leaders in the field of Cloud computing. The irony of the hype surrounding the Cloud is not lost on Attix5 / Redstor as the product that they started development on in 1999 has always been Cloud-enabled.

Their focus remains on Security, Virtualization and the Cloud. Their newly announced relationship with VMware as a Select partner bears testimony to the fact that they understand virtualization and its impact on our clients. This, combined with their de-duplication technology, and the fact that they use FIPS-compliant Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption for security, ensures that Attix5 / Redstor can be trusted to provide world-class solutions to our clients.

  • Private company founded in 1999.
  • Product development takes place in South Africa.
  • Company offers product development, technical services and channel management.
  • Global Presence
  • Offices in United Kingdom, South Africa and Australasia.
  • Resellers in Europe, USA, United Kingdom and Australasia.
  • Over 500 corporate customers. Visit Attix5 / Redstor at https://www.redstor.com/