Automated Backup

Have Local and Cloud backup run automatically as frequent as needed

Secure Storage

Keeping your data Safe and Accessible, ready to restore when disaster strikes.

Auto notified upon backup

Peace of mind with email notification when backup is completed

Back your data up to the cloud from anywhere and restore from anywhere at anytime. You never know when disaster will strike so be ready.
BACKUP compresses only new data before uploading to Cloud Storage. This reduces storage space and bandwidth. Archive for all your images and data, with solutions starting from 10GB to Terabytes of data.
Restore your business critical data in seconds. Don't let outages and natural disasters halt your business. Backup today.
New Zealand businesses backing up data to safe & secure data centres housed in New Zealand.

Business Data Backup

Backup Business Data Backup Solutions New Zealand

Cost-effective data backup solutions including:

The latest technologies from industry leading suppliers to deliver high quality and extremely robust backup services to our customers.

Our Servers are based in Auckland data centres and backedup further in Christchurch,  New Zealand, providing additional business data backup security against natural disasters and unforeseen outages. We use World Leading Backup Software Acronis.

New Zealand businesses backing up data to safe & secure data centres housed in New Zealand.

Backup Business Critical Data

Secure it / Access it / from anywhere.

Our solution is perfect for the backup of:

Documents and Files

Backup has the perfect plan to store and continuously backup selected files and folders on your pc or network of devices. Documents are opened by many users and changed often or accidentally corrupted or deleted. Our backup software ensures you can access files and directories from any timestamp.


Databases are highly technical and a slight error can bring your business to its knees, websites, networks and apps can all go down in an instant. Ensure you have access to backups that are stored on bank grade secure servers, ready to restore the second an issue arises.

Image Banks

Storing large images on a PC can take a large tax on your hard drive. SSDs and HDDs are prone to corruptions with the slightest power spike or drop on a hard surface. Our servers are the perfect place to store large high res images or media so you can keep your hard drive space free to power your PC.

Networks & Servers

Keep a backup of your Small business or Enterprise networks and servers so you have access to all files and directories you select to be backed up. As with any device a power outage can wreck havoc on your business and the risk of losing all your data onsite is high. We ensure you can move locations and restore your data with ease.

Industries We Backup

See what industries we are helping with data backups and restores from our cloud based backup services.

Affordable, Reliable Backup for Everyone

Backup NZ provides affordable and above all, a reliable backup service to customers in many industries across New Zealand.

We retain data from 3 months to 8+ years which for many industries is a requirement.

Where it’s not, it allows businesses to scale backups when required.

After the initial backup we only backup new or edited data which keeps your networks bandwidth free to keep your business running.

Full Backups each time is also an option but the preference is incremental for speed and disk space usage.


Legal Services

IT Services

Marketing Agencies

Medical Services

Small - Large Business

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How to get Backup

From first contact to restoring your data. We are with you to ensure your data is accessible when needed.


Discuss your requirements

We touch base and go over your requirements to build a plan and service that’s right for your backup requirements.


Agreement & Installation

Your Account is setup, Terms agreed and you can install our software where needed.

If needing help setting up we can provide remote support using Teamviewer and Anydesk.


Configure your backup

Dive into the settings to schedule your intial backup and select the files and directories to be backed up and how often.


Download the App and relax

Download the iOS or Android app and you’re ready to relax knowing your business data is safe and secure for when disaster strikes.

Easy to setup, configure and schedule

Human errors, corrupted hard drives.

A lot can and will go wrong in business so its important to have your data backed up in at a  minimum of three different locations. Backup has two separate backup centres located in Auckland and Christchurch to ensure 24/7 365 days a year access to your secured data.

We have a library of helpful videos to help you successfully backup and create a backup schedule that suits your businesses operation hours and that ensure you’re ready to backup when the inevitable happens.

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