Ensuring business continuity can be risky if you’re relying on limited native protection. Backup protects your Microsoft Office 365 data with fast reliable email data backup. Easy to use, schedule and restore all from one sleek user friendly application.

Retain control with Backup For Office 365

It is a big mistake for an organisation to be wholly dependent on a single cloud vendor. If organisations do not have control of their data, they will struggle to act immediately once an issue becomes apparent.

Even when data is retrievable, the process could end up being long and complicated, and there is the added problem of all-or-nothing destructive restores.

Microsoft 365 is not intended to be an all-encompassing backup solution. A simple recovery can be a massive problem if data has fallen out of the retention period and Microsoft 365 has deleted it forever. You can avoid this with a data management service that allows you to set your own retention policies very easily and whose sole purpose is to ensure that your data can be recovered directly back to Microsoft 365, regardless of the state of your live data.

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Backup For 365 – Avoid Adverse Impact On Business

What happens when users accidentally or intentionally delete or overwrite files? Recycle bins and version histories in Microsoft 365 provide only limited protection.

If you delete a user, whether you meant to or not, that deletion is replicated across the network. Once an item is purged from the mailbox database, it is unrecoverable. This could have far-reaching effects if a rogue employee decided to delete incriminating emails or files.

Microsoft’s backup and retention policies can only protect you from data loss up to a certain point, and can’t take the place of third-party data management solutions.

How Backup Strengthens Security of
Office 365

How can organisations be protected from app outages, misconfigured workflows or ransomware attacks? Microsoft explicitly states that point in-time restores of data are not in the scope of the Exchange service.

Backup uses machine learning to detect, isolate and remove any malware found in your backed up data. This improves your chances of installing a version of your backed up data containing Malware or malicious threats.

Regular backups will help ensure a separate copy of your data is uninfected and that you can recover mailboxes quickly to an instance before the attack. The best data management providers offer streamed, on demand access to all data instantly which Backup makes easy.

Trial Backup For Office 365

    A reliable backup means having multiples copies of all your Accountancy firms important files, recorded as they are updated. These copies should be held off-site, in case your computer fails.

    Would it matter to you if you permanently lost some, or all, of your emails, contacts or calendar mettings?
    If so, then you need to back them up. PC hard drives, which store your files, all fail at some point. Your PC can be lost or stolen. Office suites occasionally have bugs that damage your documents, or you may simply accidentally delete part of a document and not notice until after you saved it.
    In all these cases you need to be able to recover the last good backup, otherwise you start from scratch again. Important emails will be lost spelling disaster for any business.

    Office 365 will have a version of your file stored on their server. However these are not stored forever and once the version on their sever passes its expiry date, it is gone forever. Backup keeps multiple versions of your data stored for a specified time by you. With backup you have complete control of your backed up data.

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