IT professionals are often under the misapprehension that there is no need to back up cloud services such as Google Workspace but to what extent do Google’s native tools support backup and recovery? Backup for Google Workspaces Enable your Business to protect their Google Workspace data, directly from Google’s cloud, all through an intuitive web interface.

Retain control with Backup For Google Workspaces

Google accepts no responsibility for protecting Google Workspace hosted data. That responsibility is yours. Protect your data with Google Workspace with Backup today.

We back your business data directly from the cloud so you have it safely stored and encrypted ready for when disaster strikes. You can then manage your data backups or restores through on easy to use interface giving you total control of your data.

Backup For GSuite  – Avoid Adverse Impact On Business

What happens when users accidentally or intentionally delete or overwrite files? Recycle bins and version histories in GSuite products like Gmail provide a limited period before items are deleted forever. Set your retention period in Backup and versions of your data will be stored for the set retention period.

Backup offer two methods of recovery. You can set the data to be restored straight onto the cloud, or onto a physical machine this is all controlled via a simple and intuitive interface making data management easy.

backup google workspaces files

How Backup Strengthens Security of Google Workspace

How can organisations be protected from app outages, misconfigured workflows or ransomware attacks? Backup utilises AI to detect, isolate and delete malware from backups,
providing an additional layer of protection and peace of mind.

Automated malware detection, infused with artificial intelligence, can be purchased as an add-on to check for suspicious files in backups from Google Drive, Gmail (including attachments) and Classrooms.

The option is also available to check backups from servers, laptops and any other end-point machines or devices.

  • Mitigate risk – ensure you can recover safely, even if your Google Workspace data has been infected, by ring-fencing your backups in a known safe state
  • Eliminate downtime – avoid end-user frustration and loss of productivity with malware-free recoveries
  • Flag threats – suspicious files are automatically quarantined after EVERY

There is nothing to configure, install or upgrade and no impact on internal resources.

Trial Backup For Google Workspace

    A reliable backup means having multiples copies of all your Accountancy firms important files, recorded as they are updated. These copies should be held off-site, in case your computer fails.

    First a question. Would it matter to you if you permanently lost some, or all, of your Gmail and Gsuite (includes Google Drive files) files such as photos, videos, documents, manuscripts, financial and medical records, etc?
    If so, then you need to back them up. PC hard drives and network backup systems, which store your files, all fail at some point or can be hacked or purposefully altered by current or previous staff members. Your PC can be lost or stolen. Office suites occasionally have bugs that damage your documents, or you may simply accidentally delete part of a document and not notice until after you saved it.
    In all these cases you need to be able to recover the last good backup, otherwise you start from scratch again. Retaking those 3 month old baby photos again is easier said than done!

    • Our backup software client runs in the background on your computer. It will backup your chosen files across the Internet. Your files are encrypted and compressed before they are sent over the Internet, so you can be assured that your files will be sent as securely and cheaply as possible.
    • It doesn’t matter if you working on a file or reading your email during a backup, nor does it matter how big your files get. Business Data Backup Solutions can handle it all without breaking a sweat!
    • Backup can backup a copy of your Google files from your local machine or from the google drive/ gmail account directly. Same goes for restoring, you can choose to restore to your local machine or to the cloud drive for your google apps directly. So easy!
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