Backup NZ offers the best secure cloud backup and restore solution for Accountants and CPAs in New Zealand. Our scheduling system allows you to setup automatic backups as frequent as you like so you can focus on your clients. We make backup easy its as simple as download, install, select, schedule and forget.

cloud backup for accountants

Data Retention Compliance

Our cloud backup solution for accountants holds data for 8+ years allowing you to be compliant with rules and regulations for NZ Accounting firms. Whats more our simple setup and schedule makes backup easy. We only backup changes to files not the whole file over and over again so backup sizes are reduced and the network is free from bandwidth limitations which can cause slow downs in regular day to day business operations. Backup cloud solutions allow you to focus on your clients.

remote backup to the cloud for accountants

Remote Working? Backup is best!

Working from home more these days? well Backup Cloud backup solutions offer you the ease to restore and backup files where ever you are located with an internet connection. If you’re out of the office with your mobile and a file becomes corrupted or lost within seconds you can restore that file to your remote worker with the mobile app for android and iOS. Never get caught out, sleep easy knowing you have your clients data all the time 24/7 located in safe encrypted servers hosted in NZ.

Cover Your Companies Data

Our cloud backup solution is your insurance from an inevitable disaster occurring. Human error, natural disasters, fires and cyber threats can and will one day happen to all companies. With backup you can restore lost files in minutes and be up and running in no time. If your Accounting firm hosts collaborative files, these can easily be damaged, edited incorrectly or lost  all together. Backup ensures you have a master version of each edited version ready to be restored. If you house your own servers with client accounts and these are damaged by power spikes or fires then the data will always be safe in the cloud. Don’t wait till it’s too late! Get backup today for your accountancy firm.

Trial Backup For Your Accounting Firm

    A reliable backup means having multiples copies of all your Accountancy firms important files, recorded as they are updated. These copies should be held off-site, in case your computer fails.

    First a question. Would you matter to you if you permanently lost some, or all, of your computer files such as photos, videos, documents, manuscripts, financial and medical records, etc?
    If so, then you need to back them up. PC hard drives, which store your files, all fail at some point. Your PC can be lost or stolen. Office suites occasionally have bugs that damage your documents, or you may simply accidentally delete part of a document and not notice until after you saved it.
    In all these cases you need to be able to recover the last good backup, otherwise you start from scratch again. Retaking those 3 month old baby photos again is easier said than done!

    • Our backup software client runs in the background on your computer. It will backup your chosen files across the Internet. Your files are encrypted and compressed before they are sent over the Internet, so you can be assured that your files will be sent as securely and cheaply as possible.
    • It doesn’t matter if you working on a file or reading your email during a backup, nor does it matter how big your files get. Business Data Backup Solutions can handle it all without breaking a sweat!
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