The Requirement

Increasingly, the world is becoming paperless. Every day data is being stored, added to, accessed, reviewed, manipulated, changed and saved. We provide an industry leading backup solution to get and keep your business up to speed.

In business, data is behind every account, every customer, every email and every query. At home diaries, recipes, wills, insurance policies, valuations and family photographs are being saved and stored as data.

Loss of business data can range from being grossly inconvenient and expensive, to a total disaster. Loss of personal data on home computers is heartbreaking.

The Issues

Most small businesses or home computer users lack the time, processes and skills (which large businesses require) to arrange robust data backup systems and processes before it’s too late.

Many businesses and homes back up to tape or hard drive on site, but don’t have offsite data storage and protection from fire, earthquake, flood or theft.

Tape backup systems are vulnerable to human errors from accidentally over-writing tapes to losing them and they deteriorate with age. Storage Magazine reports over 34% of companies do not test their backups. Of those that test their systems, 77% found their tape backups failed to restore.

Until now a seamless, automated internet-based backup has been prohibitively expensive for many smaller businesses and home computer users. Business Data Backup Solutions is about to revolutionise storage, backup and disaster recovery.

The Backup Solution

Business Data Backup Solutions wholesale Online Backup services for Re-sellers, System Integrator’s, Software Suppliers and OEM Partners for New Zealand organisations.

We have partnered with the best of breed infrastructure and software partners to deliver unbeatable quality and to open the way for highly affordable online backup storage for small to medium businesses, as well as large enterprises.

Along with a massive price advantage over our competitors and only a monthly price per GB, that’s right no other monthly fees, the Business Data Backup system is easy to Buy, Install, Use and Manage.

Military and Global Banking Security Encryption and state of the art Data centres (Tier 3+) in 2 separate locations will ensure the security, safety and integrity of your information.