Business Data Backup Pricing

Please note our rates are based on Compressed Data.

An example would be 10 GB of data that is compressed by our software to 3 GB. You only pay for the 3 GB disk space and not the 10 GB

See our Standard plans and backup pricing below and Contact us today to get your Business Data Backup.

Business 10

  • 10 GB Storage
  • $1 +gst/day

Business 20

  • 20 GB Storage
  • $1.67 +gst/day

Business 50

  • 50 GB Storage
  • $3.33 +gst/day

Business 100

  • 100 GB Storage
  • $5 +gst/day

Custom Plan

  • Contact Us today for a Custom solution for your business
  • Initial Backup Uploads over the internet is free
  • For large amounts of data we provide a courier service and 2TB USB 3 external Hard Drive to load the first backup onto. The fee including courier (x2) and upload of the first backup to your account is $150+gst. This can be more cost / time effective depending upon your internet plan with your ISP

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    • Not only does Business Data Backup offer industry strength software at significantly lower prices than our competitors, but we guarantee users that there will be no price rises in our gigabyte storage rates for at least 3 years.
      In fact technology advances will drive down the raw cost, and we will pass these savings on to you.
    • We have achieved our massive price advantage over our competitors by re-thinking the typical business model that operates around software development and sales.
    • We have formed a partnership arrangement with Acronis that does away with expensive and complicated licensing models and compliance costs.
    • Acronis software has been designed to work effectively over the most bandwidth constrained networks.
    • Our technology and sales staff work from “virtual offices” meaning we do not carry the costs of expensive bricks and mortar, leading to low backup pricing offerings.
    • Our business is based on volume. By making online backup affordable at “half the price for twice the strength” we will drive up the volume, allowing our clients and your clients to take advantage of this lower pricing, which is normally only available to large corporates and institutions.
    • Our Prices are tiered so the more space you require, the less cost per GB.