We have now just upgraded to the very latest version of Acronis Cloud Backup with even more backup features and benefits. Check them out here:

Key Backup Features

  • Streaming Backup allows for enterprise-class backups.
  • Negligible local disk usage – 0.01% of selected data. I.e. 10 Mb for each 100 GB
  • Streaming Backup transmits directly to the Storage Platform without the need to write
    to Client disk.
  • Back up as fast as your hardware allows; no more restrictions on large databases and millions of files.
  • Faster compression algorithm.
  • Faster disk reading algorithms.
  • Faster hash library.
  • Direct to Storage Platform backup.
  • Multi-threading.
  • Streaming Backup can reduce back up time by up to 75% compared to normal backups.

How does 150 MB/second sound?
The speed of restores has been greatly improved via enhanced use of concurrency, a
faster compression algorithm, optimised file access and a faster hash library.

  • Acronis Cloud Backup has literally no effect on the system being backed up.
  • Advanced fine-tuning features available.
  • Faster full Exchange backup.
  • Faster full Exchange restore.
  • Faster SIR+ backup and restore.
  • Online Backup Service powered by Acronis

Acronis has always been in the cloud and enables our partners to provide all the major
cloud-based models.

  • Backup networking has never been as simple as with Acronis Cloud Backup.
  • Acronis Cloud Backup simplifies networking in that all connections can be made to one port,
    typically 443, which is a standard Internet browsing port. We do so without
    compromising security.
  • Most other solutions require connections to multiple IPs and ports making networking a nightmare.

Hundreds of StorageServers can be upgraded at the click of a button, no need to log in
to each server any more.

  • Manageability of features.
  • Switch between settings without impact e.g. Delta to Binary to Delta without a full
    copy being sent.
  • Visual display and text description to explain setting to end users.
  • Easier implementation and support

Technical Backup Features

Download, install with point and click configuration

Runs automatically in the background once configured and the software interface simply allow users to handle backup/restore operations and complete administration tasks easily within a few clicks.

Portable Hard Drive or DVD provisioning for initial large file loads

Point and Click to recover any version of files within the data retention periods.

Utilise the rapid response SLA for large file recoveries where Bandwidth maybe constrained or limited.

Full replication of all data to geographically separate sites

Full 256 bit AES encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard) protecting the data from eavesdroppers. The Data is fully encrypted throughout the life cycle of the backup, from backup initiation to file or database restore.

  • Reduced storage requirements through the use of both De-duplication and Compression with user defined optimisation settings.
  • Differential Backup at both bit and block levels
  • Differential changes can be set at block level to speed up the backup of large files.

Optional, but desirable, local cache of backed up data for rapid restore and file recovery and absolute minimisation of Network Traffic (differential backups are identified at the local Cache level)

Allows for a local storage platform as the first backup point for customers with large data volumes and provides for rapid file recovery. Differential backups are then completed with the hosted replication servers.

  • through the use of differential backups and compression, applied to files and databases
  • only changes and new data are sent (Binary Incremental technology allows for changes on the binary level- equates to very small changes)

After initial set-up of the backup software, off-site backups will be performed as scheduled automatically without requiring human effort. Customers specify the time interval to as low as 15 minutes for real time incremental backups.

For Data Centre efficiency and low disk space usage.

Users can choose to restore the entire backup or choose the files they wish to restore. They can also choose to restore to the original location or a different location.

Backup software allows users to restore previous versions of the same file. Overwritten or deleted files are no longer a problem.

The backup software compresses, then encrypts your data using 256 bit AES encryption before it leaves your computer to the Backup network, where it is stored on Raid based redundant servers at Tier 3 (+) data centres in New Zealand and then replicated to a secondary site for maximum security.

Every Account has an individual user name and password. Additionally each Account also creates a unique encryption key that ensures that while your data is securely stored at our data centre, only you have access to decrypt your files. In fact, even our most privileged Business Data Backup Solutions systems administrators do not have the ability to decrypt and view your data. Your data is completely safe and private at all times.

Our backup software runs on all leading operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Linux and Apple Mac OSX.

Full logs are maintained and generated for every Backup instance, users can review the results of backups by checking the daily logs; this is quick and simple and only takes a few clicks.

Alert notifications can be set to run to confirm results of scheduled backup and sent to both the Reseller Administrator and Customers. There is also a very useful pop-up notification in the system tray advising if the backup did not run as scheduled and when the next backup is scheduled for.

The software provides the capability for the Reseller to remotely manage a Clients Backups to enable full service delivery.