The Business Data Backup technology is up with the best in the world

Business Data Backup Solutions use the best of breed software components, combined with industry standard and industrial strength commodity hardware. Our world class software and hardware architecture provide scalability, reliability and cost advantages that are among the best in the world.

  • Security of data is provided for by the replication and encryption facilities which are an inherent part of the backup software and all data is hosted in Tier 3+ Data Centres.
  • Scalability is achieved by simply adding more servers and storage as required which is efficiently designed and catered for in both the hardware and software architecture and any single choke points is eliminated.
  • Hewlett Packard and Supermicro servers, which are considered among the best in the world, are used for the storage back end and server software components.
  • All of the above has been then been combined with the award winning, world class Attix5 / Redstor software, which was designed and built to deliver a disk to disk backup solution which operated efficiently and reliably over the internet and corporate WANs. Some of the key features of Attix5 / Redstor are;
  • Supports Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris platforms, to broaden the potential user base
  • Offers secure end-to-end encryption, protecting the client’s data from eavesdropping both in transit and in storage.
  • Compression of files speeds up internet transfers and reduces back-end storage requirements
  • Only changed data is backed up. Delta transfers, meaning only modified parts of files are backed up saving time, internet bandwidth and traffic charges
  • Intelligent plug-ins for backing up complex services such as MS Exchange and SQL Servers, without interrupting service to end users, will ensure the widest acceptance and broadest potential client base.
  • Combined data backup and off-site storage is installed in one automated step.
  • Intelligent file inclusion and exclusion filters facilitate rapid, transparent backups, even over low-speed connections.
  • Version control – Data can be recovered from previously backed up states, allowing file and system state rollbacks.
  • Advanced scheduling allows multiple backups and different data selections per day.
  • Remote WebAccess enables anywhere, any time recovery and includes a briefcase facility.