Our offering is competitive and compelling get these great Reseller benefits:

  • There is no published RRP price for the service. We encourage partners to add their own value and set their own price.
  • Resellers, System Integrators and Software Suppliers maintain ownership, management and delivery of the service to their customers.
  • Channel and supplier conflicts are eliminated by delivering the service as an independent wholesale model for the business market and we do not compete with our partners.
  • We have a single price and service for all data to be backed up for an unlimited number of Servers or PCs.
  • There is no agent or plug-in software licenses or pricing and no licensing compliance issues.
  • We have a highly aggressive price structure that’s up to half the price of our nearest competitors.
  • Partner branding is fully supported and encouraged. Sell and promote the service as a fully integrated part of your corporate branding and products.
  • We are NZ based with industry leading local partners delivering an international quality service for NZ organisations:
    • Data is stored only in the country of origin and governed by the law of that country
    • All data is mirrored to two separate geographic locations and stored on Enterprise class servers running full RAID protection
    • All backup data is secured with industry leading 256 bit AES encryption and all network communications are protected with SSL encryption.
    • Local Support and rapid large file load and recovery capability
  • We provide a comprehensive Reseller Console that allows Resellers to:
    • maintain ownership,
    • management and
    • delivery (implementation, billing, reporting) of the service to their customers

Get a hold of these great reseller benefits now by contacting us now to configure a plan that suits your company.